The Bullet Kings (Thatched House 13 Feb 2010) (punter review)

Well, having dropped my daughter and her friend off at the M.E.N. to see some overpriced drivel (I thought I'd brought you up with better taste Becky!), I trundled off down to the Thatched House in Stockport to see a real live band.....The Bullet Kings. I've seen these boys play several times now, and can quite honestly state that I've never come away feeling disappointed.The set consisted of (nearly) all the tracks from the forthcoming second album Long Time Dead........ and what a superb set it was.Carls guitar work was, as always, on top form. Wilfs vocals showing that unmistakable gruffness that is The Bullet Kings and Andys thunderous carpet bombing drums merging together to provide a polished professional sound which would make many more well known bands weep with jealousy.The highlights of the evening for me... Saints and Sinners (with Andy pounding the drums like Mr Harper himself was there listening!), My Country (a classic), Fuck You (a very infectious riff) and my favorite A Better Place (with Carls vocals adding that little bit extra to what is an excellent album track)Remember, The punter is always right Carl!!!!!!A top set boys...... looking forward to more from you soon.

Feb 13th 2010 Thatched House - OMD Review
The Bullet Kings are another SAS fave band and in truth have not been doing too much lately. I had not seen them for a fair few months and after listening (and reviewing) their latest album was very much looking forward to this latest encounter. What a crackin' fuckin' set. Even 'Gutterpress' sounded half decent ha, ha. 'My Country' of course was a massive moment as was 'Violence in The City', 'Brand New Disgrace' and the choice Subs cover 'Saints And Sinners'.

Cheers to Wilf for dedicating the last song to yours truly, namely 'A Better Place'. Once again a thorough treat with Wilf having progressed wonderfully (both bass and vocal wise), Carl still as intense as ever although concentrating a little more tonight (that will teach you to be in so many bands ya daft sod) and Big Andy hell-bent on busting another drum kit and playing a stormer. Good one lads and keep at it.

May 2nd 2009 - Spit & Skate - The Ripped Skatepark Dewsbury (blog review)
1st up are THE BULLET KINGS,this 3 piece are a very very good tight band,but these 3 fat bastards do not know what a salad looks like,i wish they would just look at me,back to the music,they was on for about 40 mins and as far as i am concerned they could have played another 40 mins,great stuff punk rock,Oi music at its best,if you have not got there CD get it now its great just like them,well done lads.

May 2nd 2009 - Spit & Skate - The Ripped Skatepark Dewsbury
The Bullet Kings have been quiet lately due to life in general and concentrating on many other projects and recordings. A band with wholesome bulk (in all ways) and after reminding Big Andy to not bust the drum kit they smashed out the opening slot of the day with conviction and precision - all but the final song which went totally titties up. The song I awaited was the UK Subs cover 'Saints And Sinners' and I can honestly say they pulled it off very nicely. Charlie Harper better get these a main support slot soon because they have done him real proud and rehashed a classic song with style.

April 13th - The Thatched House Stockport - SAS 3 dayer My Space Blog
THE BULLET KINGS. 3 fat bastards,3 great lads and how this band haveimproved. They have just put a great CD out (get it now) and I suggest you put this band in your top friends. They played a new track called 'My Country' which is just pure class

April 13th - The Thatched House Stockport - SAS 3 dayer
A quick tactical switch and The Bullet Kings were up and at it delivering 11 top notch tunes and really shaking up the days proceedings.  These 3 big bastards don’t hang about and it ain’t all brutality.  There are some cute touches in the melting pot and some really melodic tunes.  ‘Terror Holiday’, ‘London Town’, ‘Riot’, ‘Words’, ‘My Country’ and ‘Skrew The World’ are just a taster of the quality ditty’s rattled out and how the crowd loved it.  From the young to the old in two bands and again another SAS ethos.  All ages, all styles – as long as the punk strain runs true you will be asked to do more.  Best yet perhaps and still plenty of gas in the tank to keep the whipper-snappers on their toes.

Feb 14th - Star & Garter Manchester (supporting The Subhumans) by Fungal
Next The Bullet Kings whose formulated brand of riffology can transcend the boundaries of punks genre’s. Despite a crowd with a crust the BK’s still maintained a high level of interest and their cavalcade of continuous vibrant ditties was one pure joy.

Some marvellous musical moments here with an intrinsic simpleness so many bands fail to pick up on which in many cases is to their detriment. The Bullet Kings have found a golden thread and they spin it for its entirety and as well they might because the songs are a glorious tribute to a band who have reached high speed in such a short journey thus far. The basic rat-tat of similar bands is overwhelmed by solid guitar work, pounding, rhythmic bass lines and some rip-roaring drums.

‘Riot’, ‘London Town’, Skrew The World’ and ‘Punk Not Profit’ are 4 mighty pimples from a buttock of prize pustules and the only burst boil was the ending of ‘Friday Night Nazi’ was oozed filth a little to long for my liking.

9th Feb 2008 - The Lochan Inn, Starnraer
Last but not least came the 52 stone of punk rock that is the Bullet Kings.

They played an amazing high energy set that impressed everyone, including the two other acts, performing what should be future punk classics such as Terror Holiday and Riot.

Sept 23rd - The Royal Oak, Plackpool
The Bullet Kings next a band on an obvious upwards curve. An abundance of sing-a-long tunes with a solid set.'Terror Holiday' is a peach but you'd be hard pushed to find the black banana in this fruit basket.

April 13th 2007 - The Alma Inn, Bolton
The Bullet Kings who knocked out their usual stuff with precision and skill

Mar 23 2007 / The Star & Garter (supporting Argy Bargy) / Fungal Punk
The Bullet Kings. What a good do! From one solid track to another this was a real cracker and just what these lads needed to raise a few eyebrows. Every song was top notch despite ‘Riot’ which suffered from an intermittent ropey sound via the vocals. Other than that I would say it was faultless and it’s nice to see one of the SAS favourites making some great progress. As for best songs well ‘Terror Holiday’, ‘Private Death’ and ‘Words’ were class but I would be hard pushed to find a dud so I won’t waste anymore time. Very, very good indeed and the forthcoming album must surely be a quality offering

Mar 23 2007 / The Star & Garter (supporting Argy Bargy) /Growing Old Without Dignity/ web blog
We went up to see the first band, the Bullet Kings . Well, the Bullet Kings played good, fast, loud punk and I enjoyed the set.

Feb 11th 2007 / Joshua Brooks Manchester / Fungal Punk
Lastly The Bullet Kings who dealt out their second class performance in 3 days with a montage of sing-a-long melodies that just seem to grow from within. Andy Subs on drums is growing in stature all the time and if he keeps up the regular Stella abuse this may become physical as well. Seriously though what a great outpouring this sticks-man produced with focused energy and a light sprinkling of showmanship for all to admire. Wilf was ridiculously natural and has really adopted the frontman/bassist role with genuine talent and honest hardwork. Carl the guitar maestro was his confident self and is the central pivot the other 2 ‘erberts feed from and give back with sugar on top. Too many gems to mention but ‘Terror Holiday’ and ‘Alcohol and Speed’ are already becoming minor classics

Feb 9th 2007 / The Alma Bolton / Fungal Punk
The Bullet Kings got up and played their set which for me was a bloody good do. The way things were going any live music tonight was a bonus and this was really a special set to raise my ebbing spirits. In such a short space of time this trio has grown in stature with Andy’s drumming being pure excellence and Wilf’s delivery and stage presence a real jaw-dropping delight. The way the day had gone I wasn’t in the mood for any second rate shit though and thank goodness for the BK’s. What a real treat. ‘Terror Holiday’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Words’ and the superb ‘Private Death’ were memorable from a set that was one long pleasure.

9th Jan 2007 / Hope & Anchor London - Neon Webzine
The Bullet Kings open the nite with a truly authentic punk sound. This is a trip straight back to the 70's with a no nonsense punk delivery - the songs are short, fast, basic - guitar solos are kept to a few quick bursts and not too many notes. The vocal / backing vocals shout out in proper punk fashion. The songs are focused, with good strong melodies, and are tightly delivered - think SLF's, Subs etc. An excellent punk trio that provide a text book lesson in punk...a refreshing start to the new year.

16th Dec 2006 / The Sound House Bolton (supporting 999) / /
The gig opened with relative newcomers The Bullet Kings. This three piece have already released two high class EP's with another in the making despite only being together for 5 months. The eagerness was apparent tonight as they set about a great performance filled with some really well crafted songs Porno Pig and Private Death, stood tall in a set that already delivered with confidence and belief, pity the crowd was so lowly as yet not giving these guys the applause they deserved.

10th Nov 2006 / Sir Charles Napier Blackburn (supporting The Vibrators) / Burnout Fanzine
Opening band tonight were The Bullet Kings playing their first gig in Blackburn. The line up of the band is a threesome as that of Churchill but without the singer with bassist Wilf taking up vocal duties. The Bullet Kings are more melodic and accessible than Churchill, favouring '77 style punk rather than oi and they were quite well received, playing some of their new songs for the first time live.