On this limited edition split single by Street Justice two bands are present: THE BULLET KINGS from England and the HALF STRONG BOYS from Saxony-Anhalt. Two bands that you would recommend with a clear conscience every street and Hardcorefan a hot tip of 2012. Both band presents two speedy and melodic tracks with a strong and uncompromising sound has blown through my tired ears again really. Every now and then you need that! Especially at my age! Both bands have totally convinced me, anyway, the special five-member Anhaltiner, which offer the same with two guitarists and so hot titles like "Cheer up" and "Nothing to Lose". While the Busy BULLET KINGS come with the songs "Godforsaken town" (see video) and "Arab Spring" to the point. Conclusion: Two thumbs up, this earthy sound Street wants more!


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Bullet Kings/ Halbstarke Jungs SplitEP 

(Street Justice Records) 

Bernd from SJR sent me the part and I must admit, although I yobs guys do not like really, since they are trying to sing in English (like me in a minority German bands), the EP was on the other side but the better because the Bullet Kings have convince d me correctly. Horny mock, quintessentially English sound in the old style, which I would classify roughly towards Cock Sparrer. Good band! Red vinyl completes the whole


"Magdeburg Punx”


Halbstarke Jungs/The Bullet Kings – “same” Split-EP (Street Justice Rec.) 

From Klangschmiede of Street Justice Records reaches me the split EP from the beatniks guys (DE) and the Bullet Kings (UK). The presentation is held in gloomy b / w and in the fold envelope's photos as well as the lyrics to read. The disc itself is limited in blood red vinyl to 500 copies. The yobs guys will be devoted two of her songs in English, which are previously released on their mini-CD "Dissonant". Firstly, "head high" ("Cheer Up") and on the other, "there's nothing to lose" ("Nothing To Lose") overhaul. What strikes me the same at the beginning of the debate. The English school greets namely here. Thus the song seems a bit awkward compared to skillfully played punchy sound of the band. If you turn the wheel, a the Bullet Kings show how truly nasty it may sound, if you grew up with the language. Your punk rock is more of the savory variety, which is always pleasant but eased through sing-along choruses. Especially "Godforsaken Town" appeals to me. "Arab Spring" can also be heard is, for me, but only a transition song, because as a small classic comes last again. With "dab-bap-da-bap" chants and nice melody is "gringo" the remaining space on the EP fully made .

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End of October already Street Justice Records has released this split 7 ". Limited to just 500 copies in gatefold format as correct for the vinyl junkie! The Bullet Kings of England already among older ones, but they have enough power to show the younger generation where the rubber meets the road. 3 good songs! Between punk rock, OI and Streetcore commute. The last song Gringo is a pure instrumental song, and the quality of the tape you can watch the video while looking for the song "Godforsaken Town" to convince the usual websites. The B-side contains 2 songs from yobs guys who go more towards Streetcore a la Toxpack. The texts are also available in English, gave the song Cheer Up has been around with German text on another disk. The song sounds very accent, loaded the song with German lyrics I do not know, but might almost say that this is better! All in all a very solid 7 "who conjured up both bands, in which the" old "guys from England are winning point with a slight edge! 2 - sickguy77



We had a few weeks ago as a notice, now a first preliminary statement:The weighty Old Boys trio from Manchester (founded in 2006, to date, released two albums and two singles) sets three tough UK Punk Rocker the intersection SECTION 5 / UK SUBS ago, snappier Beef, Booze & Potato Stuff

1. Godforsaken Town
2. Arab Spring
3. Gringo


7.The Bullet Kings- Arab Spring

Someone recently described this as standard Oi music, Really? Sorry I don't fuckin agree this is Hard, conscious, rocking Punk and roll, catchy as fuck and spewed out with boulders rather than gravel - LOVE it

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Yes I know this CD is from 2007, well Carl sent it too me a couple of weeks ago and I was so impressed I felt it deserved some more attention, so have a read see what you reckon Please.

Terror Holiday – String rubbing and then Crashing in full on we enter a fast paced Punk song simple riff, catchy melody, the Kings specialty, growling vocals mean business and the backing vocals on the chorus just add that extra something, great start

Council Kid – rock and fucking punk roll, thundering along at high speed this ball of spittle will have you jigging ya nuts off with its simple but as catchy as crabs chorus, again short and sweet but a fucking joy, the pulsing guitar and bass pulled along by the tight powerful drumming has me pulling me sexface haha pure fucking pleasure, neat little guitar solo effortlessly released is a wonder to behold, more please!!!

Friday Night Nazi – As this enters with the chorus a chanted affair with the music and melody following the same chanted rhythm a fist punching affair with a rocking little verse with some lyrics spat forth condemning these Cunts, which is great stuff, the sentiment and passion behind the song I love but as a Bullet kings track I am not so keen.

Private Death – A climbing guitar riff powers this forward, the feel is dark and despair riddled, rattling drums crashing along keep it on track as before, doom laden Bass and a tinge of reluctant despair in the vocal delivery gives this a very different feel to previous BK songs and although it leaves you with no smile on your face that’s not because it’s a bad song, its because it’s a song with feeling, another string to the Bullet kings bow

London Town – Taught jangling bass riff stutters forth and brings this rich bopping along song, it may not get them many gigs in London haha but fucking great song, some beautiful guitar work involved in this song, including a rocking little solo riff and plucked verse riff, again a chorus as catchy as the Black Death another reason not to go haha, yep this is another top rocking punk track by the guys, they just keep coming

Not for me – oh for fucks sake here we go again, main vocal on the verse complimented by not for me response after each line, before joining together for the short catchy chorus and the tight after chorus riff by bass, guitar and drums is a wonder to hear

Punk not Profit – Title says it all really, another fist punching chorus and a rocking verse and classic punk entrance its short and wastes no time getting to the point, for me it falls into the Friday night nazi camp and is not as full a song for me I feel the chorus is weaker than the verse and is lacking Bullet kings spunk..

Words – Tap tap of the drums and we are rocking in BK spunk by the fucking gallon, sprays this song with a thick coating, great vocal mixing between main and backing, simple, catchy and a fucking stonker but hey these are Just words have a listen see what I mean, but keep ya mouth shut!!!hehe

Waster – well this is different, slow pace with a spoken vocal speech a bass line heavy verse pulsing full to the brim with regret, despair and anger, the words hit home to anyone who has ever seen, experienced this shite with someone around you, the pained, anguish of the word waster at the end finishes this short, depressing, misery filled, dark masterpiece

Meltdown – Stuttering guitar pounding drums and rumbling bass leads us into a fast paced pounding punk track BK style with a catchy verse complete with woahs and a back and forth chorus catchy as we have come to expect before leading to a fret melting little solo of pure guitar joy, a great track, has me melting down if nothing else what a band I keep saying and I mean it what a fucking great band.

Truth- this is the first track where the music and the melody pound out together that I think works well on this CD the other 2 I didn’t enjoy these parts but here its Truth truth truth always hurts!! Not this time this is great, very 77 feel to it this one has me thinking about splattering a shirt with paint… nice one guys

Porno Pig – High pitched bass line, slamming drums leads us into this one with its plucked guitar riff leading to a chugging spluttering moment before back to the start, lots of guitar nuances here you could say he is pleasuring his guitar wrist….hehe and also the first song on this CD where the title is not in the song

Riot - No such thing here I wanna Riot! Drum rolling through the verse before powering into the catchy spittle flying angry chorus as we riot our way through this song, effect l;aden guitar riff midway sounds like a police siren underwater….hmmmm theres an idea for ya next riot, this song means business and in that I mean its not got a rye smile added its just straight forward angry grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Alcohol and Speed – FUCK YEAH.. this is the first Bullet Kings song I ever heard and still now it gives me Goose bumps on my COCK!!!it’s a beauty (the song is too) from the chugging start to the full on sing you bastards chorus this is Punk rock and roll at its face full of alcohol and speed best, yeah I know I have read the words fucking great lyrics, thought provoking and not trying to be clever or hiding the meaning its right there wrapped in a fucking delicious tune I always have and always will love this song a fucking Anthem!!!

Rebel without Reason - so how do you follow the last one? Nothing surely can get a look in? well this little Guinness soaked ditty does a fucking good job complete with fiddling…..hehe it’s a knee slapping toe tapping Jig of pure punk and fitting as this is the title track, at the end of a good night to hear the band plough through this would be a great way to end ya day

Now and Then – Hmmm sometimes you hear something and you cant really explain why you feel as you do and this song is one of those the various elements from the stabbing verse with hells spawn spewing over the top to the catchy guitar riffs I like the elements but just doesn’t do it for me at all and the ending has me reaching for the skip button, maybe because the last two songs were so fucking good but I think its just not for me and is the only actual full on weak moment on this cd.

Skrew the world – well in Bullet kings style we leave this CD with another Anthem, catchy and upstanding like a Teenage girls breasts, perfectly smooth, firm and full with a hard Nipple haha what the fuck am I on about anyway a Great catchy anthem and as it fades into silence I wonder why my CD player has not stopped and so we wait…………………………….and wait……………………..and wait………….and at 6.29 the drums start to pound we are treated to a rendition of a track from.. well lets just say a Comedic band formed in 1973 in Manchester and this track from there legendary Ep released a few years later and one I think most of us have or know of was the Track taking the piss out of the damned hehe enjoy I did…

So that’s its and I hope that if you have not heard or not got this Cd By the Bullet Kings that you will seek it out and I can say you will love it they are a quality bunch of songs from a band I hear sadly are No more, reform you fuckers!!! Is all I have to say But even if they don’t, get there Cds and there Live DVD as they have so many fucking great songs you need in your collection and they also show that yet again the best and most Talented bands are in the Underdog Camp, and if this does one thing I hope it makes you realise that you need to keep searching, keep going to local gigs, keep finding these gems, they are there but they need your support and more importantly they fucking deserve it, so see you at the front, so far this year I have seen 47 Bands I have NEVER seen before and some of those are now in my all time favourites so get out there and join all those others out there who are doing the same thing, seek out the Underdog Talent and when you find some let me know!!!!

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    CD Review - Bullet Kings The - Live In Wakefield DVD 6th Oct 2010
Posted on: Sat , Mar 26 09:46 AM
DVD and LIVE two things I usually think if there gonna be crap they will be utter shit, as what one person may want to watch usually bores others totally, and LIVE quite often the energy and atmosphere of the event is lost or the sound is soft or poor….so I am ready for this NOT

This is a well put together product, neat little cardboard sleeve tells you what you need to know and houses the little purple disc nicely.

So to the main part of the DVD the live show at The Snooty Fox, well the first thing you notice is the Crisp, clear picture from multi cameras and angles which is great adding a host of perspectives rather than just one frontal one, so that’s a good start also the lighting is excellent creating texture and atmosphere, then add to this the sound is clean, crisp, clear and Loud, Fucking great.

So to the Tracks:
First up Terror Holiday, Fast powerful song this, great way to warm the fuckers up followed by Not for Me and words before the Behemoth of a Song My Country even more Potent and powerful Live than on Cd, follow that boys!!! And they do;

Council Kid a Fast punk rocking Singalong with wonderous backing vocals and guitar work, I have not heard this track before and I love it, these guys know how to bang out a choon they are tight, hard and entertaining!!!

Brand New disgrace follows about the x factor another top notch sneer at the festering pile of shit that is x factor I am officially in love with this band the Chugging guitar midway is just fucking wonderous punkrock to go mental too, I cant believe how excited I am Feeling listening and watching this DVD its like I am at the gig!

Next up Melt Down another piece of Bullet king magic straight edged Punk faultless, and so to the last Track of the Set what the fuck can push this Monstrously Hard punk sex journey higher?? Of course its Alcohol and Speed DID YOU HEAR THE RALLY CALL? Oh yes I am off haha pogo agogo even with me dodgy knee haha this has it all catchy lyrics, Singalong, dancelong attitude, chugging guitar, tub thumping big style tight packed drumming and rattly growly bass precise destruction pure and true, first song I ever heard by this band and I have Loved them ever since a pure joy to listen too.

Oh yes not only a quality sexy set from the boys but extras too Videos - first of which is God forsaken town a great fast track and the video gives you the feeling of horror, its black and white blurry imagery dark uncomfortable and horrifying fits the feel of the song perfectly.

Next is My Country another Great video its fast moving background image and the band in a dirty warehouse lo-cal perfectly fits the song and again it’s a joy to watch, the producer of this video has a great eye for angles and images and it just enhances this song to even greater heights Genius

And lastly….Raise your Glass for England Yes it’s the Bullet Kings World cup Punkrock goal scorer, why the fuck was this not England’s song I can tell you they would of done a lot better with this behind them it’s a Fucking scorer and from someone who has no interest in football its had ME raising my glass for ENGLAND and again another professional video to a Top song from The Mighty BULLET KINGS

Get this DVD it’s a Joy to watch and should grace everyone’s DVD collection lets hope more Punk bands can get Quality visuals like this to show off there Talents

Well done to all involved in this Keep it the Fuck up

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Woodstock Punkrock
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    CD Review - Bullet Kings The - Wastelands
Posted on: Wed , Mar 02 08:21 PM
5 Track offering here from the Bullet Kings wrapped up in a nice cardboard sleeve and looks like limited to only 100 copies. (Mine being Number 58)

BROKEN ENGLAND kicks things off a nice harmonized guitar riff opens this number before bursting free with the power of 10, the angry growl of the vocals makes sure you understand this is a song to be listened too and they are fucked off - No doubt about that, its powerful, punky noise with a tinge of maidenesque guitar work, great use of backing vocals and all in all another top quality Bullet Kings song….

Powerful start next is GODFORSAKEN TOWN again we crash straight into another fast paced parcel of punk spittle wretched forth from the speakers, the back forth feel to the verse vocal is great and again great use of backing vocals on the chorus, nice little guitar break half way thru before crashing back into the song a more urgent pace than the previous track but again a top draw Bullet Kings track

The next track is a Live rendition of TERROR HOLIDAY now live tracks can be a big mistake I feel as often they loose there energy in translation and the Quality is often lacking But not so!! this one is clear, its hard, and full of power and energy, it bounces along like a severed head torn from a holiday maker on the sand, catchy and Loud, the gruff growl of the vocals is infectious and has you joining in on the chorus as if you were there at the gig, the bass, drums and guitar are all tight as fuck and plough thru the song with ease.

Following this is another live track MELT DOWN a more staggered start leads this one and gives it a different feel, more jerky just as tight and as infectious, and the woah backing vocals just add a nice extra texture, thank you very much ends this song, well I say THANK YOU very much Bullet Kings.

Ok Last on this CD is an acoustic version of the anthemic MY COUNTRY and it’s a scorcher I think its even more of a stand up take notice Anthem than the full on version, just acoustic guitars and vocals there is no hiding on this one and the words ring loud in your ears, the electric shocks of thoughts crashing round your brain as you relate to every word being sent forth, its moving, its Powerful and it’s a great way to leave this far to short body of Juicy work.

As I said at the beginning of this I am assuming as they are numbered there are only 100 of these out there and if you don’t get one you will regret it I promise you. The Bullet Kings are a talent to be reckoned with and this CD proves it GET ONE

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Woodstock Punkrock
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    CD Review - Bullet Kings The - Long Time Dead
Posted on: Sat , Mar 19 11:28 AM
The Bullet Kings are 3 self proclaimed fat lads from Bolton, and play straight up old school punk rock. The line-up comprises of Willfredo on bass and vocals, Carlos on guitar and vocals and Andy on drums.

It's straight into the typical punk guitar riffs on the title track of Long Time Dead. It's nothing new, but the bullet Kings pull it off well. Harmonious breakdowns add an interesting variation to the stereotypical punk rock, and the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head in no time tanks to it's easy to remember lyrics.

'Saints and Sinners' has a slight old school metal feel to it, but with the speed and straight up instrumental parts, it ain't gonna be mistaken for Maiden. At just under 4 minutes, it's quite long for a punk song, add that to the epic solo half way through, and you'll see why it's got a metal feel. There's another addictive chorus too.

With the name 'My Country' you expect a political or at least patriotic, or both, number- but instead you get a rather ambiguous track- from first impressions, it's hard to tell what they're getting at, but still a well executed song instrumentally.

The quiet intro to 'No Money, No Nothing' emphasises the gruffness of the the bands vocals. This ones a slow one- showing they aren't only capable of speedy punk songs- and covers a depressing topic (being skint) with tender melancholy. Well, as much so as possible with a punk band.

A heavier, faster one follows, lovely angry piece to get the blood boiling. Solid punk rock how it should be, perfect to get an alcohol fuelled crowd going.

'Gutter Press' is kicked off by a Sex Pistols style riff. Classic punk rock with a couple of guitar solos, just 'cos they can. This one should easily inspire a sing along when played live.

The shortest track on the record, 'Fuck You' is another straight up punk number. It's the soundtrack to a good pogo, and with it's lyrics 'fuck you, fuck you and the stupid things you do', it's something we can all sing along with.

More fast instrumentals and more addictive choruses. More solos too, but it's still undoubtedly your typical fun, catchy, don't-give-a-shit punk rock. The true feelings we all have are portrayed without being preachy or overly emotional. Good, honest music.

The album closes with an 11 minute track- not a common occurrence for a punk album. But with their love of solos, and catchy choruses, it somehow works. That and the fact it's actually two separate songs (ha, had you fooled). They're both as impressive as each other, and both your typical punk rock.

So the Bullet Kings aren't doing anything really new or unique, but they certainly know how to pack enough diversity and addictive choruses onto one album to satisfy even the pickiest listeners with the shortest attention spans. From hearing this, I bet they put on a great live show too.

Frankii Torok
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I don't review DVD's that often and in a way I am glad. They are not my favourite format to assess as one tends to get detracted by visuals rather than concentrate on the sonics which I suppose is more than obvious but still a slight niggle. Nevertheless when I get asked I do my bit and such is the case with this mix of 'live' and rehearsed recordings. The Bullet Kings are a band I hold in high esteem and am more than familiar with them 'in the flesh' (non-sexual of course). I have yet to be disappointed by what I've witnessed at the numerous gigs I have seen them play and so I expected a good viewing here. Hopefully this effort will help push them along a little and get them a few more outings which, to be honest, aren't frequent enough (are ye listening promoters).

We begin here with the 'live' set which was recorded at that good old venue The Snooty Fox in Wakefield. The guys at The Fox have been knocking out vids for bands for a for while now and they do a grand job indeed. The sonics are spot on and the clarity equally sharp with my only gripe the camera that seemingly suffers from bouts of St Vitus Dance and fails to settle in any position for any length of time. It is quite distracting and does get on ones tits if one has a nervous disposition (just like me) but it shouldn't deflect from what is a well compiled effort. The Bullet Kings do their stuff here with the usual set pumped out with vigour and full of big drum cracks and meaty riffs. All 3 players are comfortable in each others company and this is reflected in the liquidity of the output and so the DVD thrives as a result and fans will lap it up. The usual fare is given with 'Terror Holiday', 'My Country' and 'Meltdown' outstanding and the rest just darn bloody good. As I say why this band don't get bigger and better gigs is beyond me so before the crew fatter get em' booked. 

The 3 rehearsed and organised videos are very good indeed with the latter effort 'Raise Your Glass For England' the least favourite of mine due to it being a corny effort done as a request and for a bunch of cunts who apparently are adored by many and profess to be something they ain't (footballers). It is just a bit of fun if the truth be known and for the given style it is as good as anything out there. I fuckin' hate football tributes though so struggle with this but if you are into that kind of thing you'll most probably enjoy this. Next World Cup watch out for my own release 'Bare Your Ass For England' a classic (and there won't be a grinning twat in mine playing a shovel ha, ha)! Go on big boy!

'My Country' and 'Godforsaken Town' are the other two bonus vids and both are rock solid. The latter is shot in nuclear monochrome style with the fast buzzsaw pace working ideally alongside the apocalyptic industrial visions that pour our way. The former song is yet again shot in atmospheric black and white and with a song as good as this it comes out superbly. The combination of band playing in a warehouse and the subtle overlay of a worn down landscape provides interesting viewing and it has to be full marks all round for a DIY effort of the highest order.

The outcome - well give me a reason why this DVD shouldn't be in your collection and I'll give you many reasons why it should.

    The Bullet Kings “Wastelands” (Voltage Records)

The Bullet Kings are a strange band – prolific with the recorded output but you’re not going to see them going out on lengthy tours. The joys of middle age, jobs and a variety of other commitments might keep the world from getting a glimpse of this trio in action but that won’t stop them trying to lay waste on your hearing through the recorded medium. With an album and a number of singles out in 2010, the BK’s open up in 2011 with a five track EP, which was originally planned as a split with an American band who eventually lacked the funds to make it happen.

So, their loss is our gain as the result is now purely down to The Bullet Kings, a band who sound as old as they are, with a genuine UK82 feel but updated to the current decade so as not to come across as stale and uninteresting.

The first track “Broken England” is the only new song on the EP and I have to say, it’s the best thing I’ve heard from this band. A great guitar sound, Wilf’s distinctive vocals and lyrics that cover how many people view the UK (not just England) these days. An excellent opening track and although, to me, it’s without equal from within the BK arsenal the following four tracks do not suffer from being weak or just filler.

Up next is “Godforsaken Town” and this doesn’t really need any explaining as it continues the theme started by “Broken England”. The next two tracks are live versions of “Terror Holiday” and “Melt Down”, more songs that look at the state of the world today and find that it’s far from perfect. What comes across really well with these tracks is the guitar work of Carl “Behemoth” Arnfield who, despite his imposing stature, has fingers that are as nimble as anyone’s across a fret board.

Bringing the release to a close is an acoustic version of the song “My Country”. Yes, another view of the UK and the state it is in having had three parties in power in recent years – none of them really moving the country forward in any noticeable way – but still being able to feel some level of pride in your surroundings. I find this song even more poignant and moving done acoustically so all credit to the band for releasing this as it ensures that the EP is varied and doesn’t follow the same musical path despite having a lyrical theme throughout.

This is a limited release available only from the label so don’t delay if this interests you.
  Fungal Punk    

In this section of CD reviews this is the 500th effort I have had the pleasure of writing and it is more than appropriate that it is for the most reviewed outfit The Bullet Kings. As ye may know this is another of Mr Carl Arnfield's bands and without doubt more of this dudes material has been reviewed on this site than anybody else’s. The man sets a fast pace and that is the only way to do it - if you can't keep up or despise him for being so productive then move on faster or go suck your own genitals is the message respectively. So what can we expect from the BK boys this time around - a surprise for sure and some usual meaty noise as expected. So let's assess shall we?

With a grim reality the main order of the day the usual side dish of persistent melody is always apparent and such is the case with the hard-hitting 'Broken England'. The shit-hole we call home is given another roasting here by these burly blokes who keep it to the point and without much fuss. Short semi-epileptic strokes build into the main riff and the first verse is delivered with frontman Wilfredo as grubby, natural and angry as ever. The merge from verse to chorus is vague and that is a sign of a band running the engine with top class acoustic oil that has no need to find time to pause. A concrete song that slightly eases up during a tribal chant that gives all room for respite. The finishing drive is consistent and gasping for air we head into the equally effective 'Godforsaken Town'. The impetus is fluid and The Bullets Kings are creating liquid noise without too much effort. Subdued strings and pulsing drums pupate into a recognisable surge before your friendly neighbourhood fatman at the front barks out the lyrics. The chorus here is an essay of simplicity and does nothing out of the ordinary. The fact of the matter though is that it doesn't have to - the whole song works a treat and this convinces me why I am a BK fan. The wind up at the end flashes by and is full stopped by a screwed whine of guitar and the job is done. By the way, even though I am a fan of this band they do throw up the odd turkey turd as far as I am concerned but that's a personal opinion and hey 'what band doesn't' be honest now - I know its hard but please do try!

So 2 crackers done and now into 'live' mode. Many a band can derail themselves during this method due to sub-standard production and a lack of general talent. The Bullet Kings pull off two favourites here namely 'Terror Holiday' and 'Meltdown'. Both have warning, both seem laden with doom but both are uplifting tracks for the punk who wants to pogo. The fire in the belly is captured during both recordings and a rugged grit is achieved which I feel is a vital element of all punk rock 'live' releases. Of the two I have no favourite as the tracks are equal giants that get on with the task and blaze a trail. You really should get into this talented trio you know - solid stuff and one must wonder why the band are overlooked and not given better slots.

As if reinforcing my belief in the band what comes next is unexpected, totally risky and nothing short of superb. 'My Country' is stripped bare, given an acoustic makeover and delivered with surprising effect. Two roads run in conjunction - one smooth with tuneful tarmac and very gently applied whereas the other is a rough and dirty gravel route filled with potholes and juddering undulations and it seems, thrown down with unaffected abandon. Both roads work side by side and never drift apart which is a baffling triumph and one I cannot fathom. Totally convincing this is a Song of the Month on my site for sure. If nothing else - pick up this CD for this one track alone.

So 5 more BK bangers and all sizzling with sincerity. Come on cunts wake up and check this lot out. Your attention is long overdue.
  punk all forms zine    
      the bullet kings lead singer undeniabally sounds like wattie buchan from the exploited and their sound reminds me of somewhat of rancid on songs like"talk is cheap"but altogether they definatley sound like rancid and the exploited put together.this band is undeniabally a true old school listen.something to sink your ears and teeth into.i'm pretty sure you will listen over and over again i know i will cause they have a new fan in me.brilliant and a 11!best songs-"talk is cheap"and"brand new disgrace"

  Lights Go Out zine    
The Bullet Kings - Live In Wakefield DVD (Voltage)
I can't stress how good this band really are, stopped in an old school punk feel with an updated sound. The guitars are loud and full of more power than the Scotty dude could ever give to Captain Kirk. Backed some damn fast and impressive drumming, The Bullet Kings are a band to be reckoned with. The songs seem to have a social awareness and offer catchy choruses that you can't help instantly remembering + singing along with. The vocals are brash and snotty just as you'd expect from an older school punk rock band. Really impressed by the sound these fellas can pump out live, the set is fucking tight! Just a shame it doesn't seem like the biggest crowd there, or at least not the noisiest, which sucks. And there's a bonus of three videos. "Godforsaken Town" is a great tune and I love the black and white video. This is one sweet live DVD and The Bullet Kings are a fucking great band!
Mr. T

The Bullet Kings – Live in Wakefield DVD / Voltage Records / Casket Music

The Bullet Kings are a trio from the Manchester area of England who specialise in solid, no-thrills punk rock. Musically, they are reminiscent of some of the UK82 type bands but have more in common with the venerable Charlie Harper and the UK Subs, a band to which they have strong links. 

This live DVD was recorded in front of a sparse crowd in Wakefield and the lack of numbers does not diminish the effort the band put into their performance and how this comes across. This is not a one-camera effort with poor sound, as there are a number of views on offer, and a very strong guitar sound comes across that highlights the talents of Carl Arnfield who can also be found plying his trade in other bands such as the Great St Louis and the Arthritic Foot Soldiers. 

Although short, featuring only eight live tracks, you get some of the Bullet Kings’ stronger songs, including a handful off the recent Long Time Deadalbum. Vocally, Wilf has quite a gruff, throaty delivery, although he does his best to hold onto the tunes within the songs. With Andy battering the hell out of his drums, it is left to the aforementioned Carl to show what he can do with six strings. It is without doubt this guitar work that gives this band the little bit extra, with leads well-placed throughout the songs and a really crunching sound. 

Perhaps the strongest track is “Brand New Disgrace,” which sees the band peaking in the live situation, although this is pushed quite closely by “My Country,”a slower song trying to encapsulate the current state of the UK and many other countries. 

Somehow this DVD reminds me of the live video that Hüsker Dü released of their first UK show which was filmed for a regional television station--poor turnout, good sound and showing how a band can show their mettle when almost just playing for themselves. 

In addition to the live tracks, the DVD also features three videos for the songs “Godforsaken Town,” “My Country” and the World Cup song “Raise Your Glass for England.” The first two are done in black and white, which adds to the atmosphere and what the songs are trying to convey. The last one was obviously supposed to assist England win the World Cup this year--it didn’t help much! I do love the shots of the bands playing their instruments in the snow with Andy using a snow shovel as a guitar, though--very amusing. 

As a limited release, this is a quality product which should appeal to those who like their punk with one foot in the eighties and the other in the new millennium. 

  Artcore Zine    


Rebels Without Reason / Long Time dead - album reviews

Andy, Wilf & Carl, three chuncky good-looking charlies well over a sensible age, dish out some rough'n'ready Brit street punk with cheese-grater vocals, which slots in nicely into the "ive had a hard fukkin time" strkes. Released in 2007, Rebels without Reason" perhaps has the edge over this years "Long Time Dead" album which includes a hidden track and some Charlie Harper involvment . Music for angry youths (and rapidly ageing old punks)

  Artcore Zine    


Long Time Dead - 7 inch / Voltage Records

Brand New Disgrace - 7 inch / Voltage Records

Anthemic Oi! punk in the vein of Menace / Cock Sparrer and The Clash, Slow mid tempo with and emphasis on the sing along choruses. it's like all those UK '82 bands, but better

  Skrutt (Swedish Zine)    

The titletrack Brand new disgrace is an orgie in streetpunk and with a singer which really takes his voice far and he sings for king and the country and I like it much. It feels really powerful in all the nice and tough backgroundmusic. Saints and sinners is a powerful song too and here we have some background voclas which raises that song even more. Check it out for god´s sake...14/10-2010

The yellow vinyl gives the record a fine style and the music is a nice experience because also on this record so is it powerful punk which is the thing for the group and with a singer which really is a man for his voice. The B-side Talk is cheap is a more lightweight song where I somewhere think of Charlie Harper...I don´t know why but it´s a really good song anyway. 14/10-2010

  Big Cheese    
  Mild Peril Zine    

Yet another CD that came winging it's way to me from Carl who is also in AFS, The Great St Louis and some other bands i cant remember.

This album isnt half bad really, pretty old school punk, rough and full of attitude but stillkeeps a gold old dose of melody in there.

It reminded me of what The Clash would sound like if they had only just formed, actually scrap that, it sounds more like how Red Flag 77 sound now.

This really benifits from top notch recording and production.

  Emperors New Clothes Zine    

The Bullet Kings – Godforsaken Town (video single review) Moriarty Records

Kicking off with a high contrast black and white image which is in keeping with the gritty nature of the song. The Bullet Kings seems to have mastered and combined simple song writing and a flare to cobble a video together to grab and keep your attention.

The song which tells the story of small town life where nothing happens and the hopeless waste of life waiting for something to happen isn’t a fun topic at all, that said you would think that this would be a slow moping track that whines on and on, wrong!, this is a blistering attack on ears and eyes now you can see the silhouette figures blurred out against the white blinding backdrop of white lights and the trashing about of 3 rather bigger than normal punks.

And let me tell you this track doesn’t hang about or waste time getting to the point at 2.15mins, but why over stress the point of shit life in a shit town, I wonder what town they are ranting about?, or is it about everyone’s home town?

This only seems to be a download single and seems to be on the omnipresent iTunes

Dont like giving scores to bands, just making records and releasing them gets them a top marks in my book.

  Kill Your Own Zine    

The Bullet Kings - Long Time Dead (Casket)

This release taught me never to judge a book by it's cover. Given some of the track names, and the bands photo, i was fearing some sub-standard, 77'-influenced garbage.
I was pleasantly surprised, then, to find this owes far, far more to the likes of "leatherface" and "Jawbreaker" than the sex pistols and The Business. Not the best album i ever heard, but the great "whoas" made me smile.
  Lights Go Zine    

The Bullet Kings - Long Time Dead (Casket)

This is the second CD of The Bullet Kings I've reviewed for this issue and once again it's a killer! Another sublime slice of old school sounding street punk with yet more of those sweet punk rock guitar riffs + solos! The gritty, snotty, rasping vocals are once again delivered with passion that fits the music perfectly! Tracks like "7 In 77" and "Brand New Disgrace" really stand out, but all ten tracks here are top notch! A bloody great band and I can see my listening to this shitloads - now to see them live!

Mr. T

  Lights Go Zine    

The Bullet Kings – Long Time Dead 7” (Voltage)

A nice yellow vinyl this time. The Bullet Kings has a great sound, brash and punchy punk rock. “Long Time Dead” is another top tune with great backing vocals and guitar work once again. I have to say I really do like this band’s sound, especially the crunch on the guitar. B side “Talk Is Cheap” is along a slower line, still with that 80’s punk feel to it, another great vinyl release and worth grabbing a copy.

Mr. T


The Bullet Kings “Long Time Dead” (Casket Records)


As a recent convert to The Bullet Kings I am in the process of listening to a lot of their stuff in a short space of time.  This gives me a good opportunity to compare and contrast their recorded output quite easily.  This is the soon to be released follow up to “Rebels Without Reason” and it is easily as enjoyable as that record, if not more so.


The first thing that strikes me with “Long Time Dead” in comparison to their previous long player “Rebels Without Reason” is that although the punk anger is retained there is are more songs which are of a slower or mid-paced nature.  To me there is the sense of a band which has attempted to progress their music rather than just rehash what they previously released and although this is an album firmly rooted to punk rock, there is a ‘rock’ feel that has come to the fore which is the big difference to the previous album. 


Saying that, “Long Time Dead” opens with a sense of urgency with a catchy sing along tune (something these three punks are easily able to add to their songs) and is followed up by a version of the UK Subs’ “Saints and Sinners “ which has been slightly reworked with the aid of the oldest punk around, Charlie Harper himself.  I have to be honest I lost track of the UK Subs around the time of “Flood of Lies” so cannot compare this to the original but will be seeking out the “Mad Cow Fever” album on which it features to see how it stands up.  That being said, I love the Bullet Kings version so perhaps it will be the UK Subs who have to step up to the plate and show me what they have got!!  What is also noticeable is how Wilf’s vocals sound a bit like Charlie Harper at times, but nowhere near enough to think that this is a UK Subs Mark 2!  It doesn’t hurt that Charlie Harper actually ‘introduces’ the song on the album.


Amongst the other stand out tracks are “My Country”, a brooding, almost lament like, statement of the UK today.  Despite the negative elements that punctuate the song, it still feels like there is a touch of pride in the country but not in a nationalistic way. 


“Gutter Press” is an attack on ... yes, the gutter press, of which the UK has quite a bit, with newspapers (and I use the word ‘news’ with an element of irony) reporting what so often seems to be pointless celebrity-linked items.  The opening lines say it all about how the proliferation of such journalism is becoming accepted and tolerated yet the inanity of it is largely ignored by the masses:


“Read your headlines, spread your lies

Cheque book stories I despise”

Surely there is more to life than a myriad of ‘famous’ people who have done very little to achieve such a high level of fame and every facet of their life is reported on?  This is not to excuse the ‘high brow’ press as well who can often sink to levels not far off the tabloids but to some extent they do try to report some more worthy news.  Good on The BK’s for picking on such a valid target! 


“7 in ‘77” is easily my favourite track on the album and it’s no surprise then that it reminds me of my favourite band, Stiff Little Fingers, at times and for this I commend the personnel of The Bullet Kings.  Any band who can make me think of SLF deserve some credit and to do so by producing such a good song is even better. 


The album ends strongly with the longest track (just a shade under five minutes long) “A Better Place” which passed me by on the first few listens but once I got into it I realised how good it was.  It’s just a very good song to listen to and brings it all to a close quite nicely ... until the hidden track “Talk Is Cheap” (a Charlie Harper cover) kicks in after a few minutes of silence an d then that is that, no more!


The Bullet Kings threw me a curve ball – I was expecting more of the same along the lines of the “Rebels Without Reason” album of three years ago, but no, they have gone and improved what they do.  The result is a more varied album in which they display a desire to move forward, certainly in the musical sense, and in doing so create an album fit for punks across the globe but which could sit in the record collections of those who do not consider themselves ‘punk’ but who like angry music with a bit of rock thrown in.  Lyrically, these are still angry punks who feel that things are far from right in the world and they get this message across with a minimum of fuss and in a relatively straightforward manner.  Again, though, there does seem to be some progression in the lyrics which shows that as a unit, The Bullet Kings, are taking these forward steps as one.


It would be too easy to dismiss The Bullet Kings as a bunch of old duffers but they are certainly worth checking out – maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but some may well enjoy this album, as I have done since first hearing it.  If you like the UK Subs then you really should give this band a chance.





And so the World Cup approaches where money, fame, misdirected loyalty and celebrity kiss-arse idolatry will be everywhere as insignificant piss-ants kick around a spherical object in the name of sport.  Hero status is had if fate plays the cards kindly or you could come home a total twat if bad luck wins the day.  Personally I like football but can't be arsed with all the hoo-ha and claptrap that goes along with it.  The fact that these fuckers get paid for playing for the country shows an aspect that I find sour.   Anyway I have another football song to review and as far as content goes then it gets the obvious Fungal rating of 'wank'.   Taking it as a piece of music  -  well that's a different matter!
'Raise Your Glass For England' combines the mighty game with drinking and is a celebration of the home team getting to the World Cup finals and wishing them well.  Mmmm - a winning formula if the tune is a good un' I suspect.   Well, The Bullet Kings produce a winning goal here with a cornball offering that will most assuredly go down well with the targeted audience.  A catchy appealing chorus, a bit of 'oooomph', gritty vocals, a melodic easy listen and with no tuneage that threatens to become too obscure or punked up and also with added solidified chorus and the full offering is complete.  A good effort and in keeping with the set tradition.  The BK crew knew what was required, fulfilled the criteria and have indeed succeeded.   One - Nil I reckon but ruled offside by Fungal - oh and Carl Arnfield gets a red card just for the hell of it ha, ha.
'Godforsaken Town' is more like it and has a solid drive, reliable musicianship and follows the bands set outpouring routine.  A simple track somewhat but executed with precision.  Basic punk construction with a good end production and with extra flash guitar trimmings and adhesive drums and bass the BK trio are in their comfort zone and it shows.  Nice one! The song was wrote in a few minutes by the way - not bad ya know considering!
2 songs and both highly listenable and if you ignore Fungal's slant as regards footy then I am sure you won't be disappointed by this single.   Sherlock Holmes Music who are releasing this must be well pleased with what they've got and I hope all and sundry do alright out of it except the people the song is about - bastards.  Go on - get yer hand in yer pocket!

The Bullet Kings “Raise Your Glass for England” Download (Moriarty Records)

As it is the year 2010 and yet another World Cup (of football/soccer) looms, it is also time for World Cup songs come flying out of the woodwork, from all kinds of genres with varying success.   It must be said that in all truthfulness, most songs (if not all of them) have the same degree of success as the England football team whose ability to flatter to deceive comes around for most major tournaments.

I’d already heard one (very bad) England football song with a punk background when I was offered the chance to review The Bullet Kings’ “Raise Your Glass for England” and so it was with trepidation that I approached my first listen.  I must put my cards on the table, in that not being English, I won’t be getting carried away by the nations’ involvement in South Africa.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be watching as much of the competition as I can but will not be flying a flag or being too downhearted if the few world class players in the English squad fail to deliver.

Back to the music!  World Cup songs don’t give bands much leeway in terms of lyrics but what can make them stand out is how the words blend with the music, and in the case of The Bullet Kings they manage to come away with a song, although lyrically basic (obligatory mentions of “three lions” and “1966” are included), that has a ripping punk rock feel to keep it going along at a fair pace.  This kept my interest throughout the 2 minutes and 42 seconds of the song and (*I whisper this*) had me singing along as well, which would probably turn many heads back home in Wales!  This isn’t plodding punk rock either and the threesome do produce a mighty sound with vocals that can best be described as if the singer/bassist, Wilf, has been gargling with a mixture of broken glass and gravel.  Don’t let that put you off, as it sounds very earthy and punk without being unintelligible.  With Carl providing a raging guitar sound with some well included solo work whilst Andy bangs away like a slightly restrained Animal from the Muppets, this song is a triumph in a genre that so often disappoints.

The song never slows up, doesn’t have a feel that it is cheesy in any way and this helps make it a thoroughly enjoyable romp.  I’m sure that this would get played in many pubs across the country during the months of May, June and July this year, with many fans singing whilst actually raising their glasses – if it doesn’t, then what do football fans want? a dull and boring, lyrically challenging song by someone like Radiohead?                          

The b-side, “Godforsaken Town” takes us back to a more punk theme that was prevalent back in the late 70’s/early 80’s and is still something that many encounter in this new, modern age.  With all the advances in technology and life in general it might seem strange that some people still have difficulty in that the village, town or city that they live in offers very little to them other than it probably looks and feels the same as many other places in the same country.  Just from travelling around a small part of the UK, there is a similarity to many places these days as all the shops look the same, the way houses look are the same and to do something different is almost frowned upon.  Sounds just like being a punk back in the 70’s/80’s!!

The Bullet Kings provide two great songs on this single three if you include the radio edit version of “Raise Your Glass .....”.



The Bullet Kings - Rebels Without Reason (Casket) Light Go Zone

This really hits ya square in the face and takes hold and doesn't let go through 17 songs!!! With a raw sound, some awesome riffs and a real diy feel to it. It's an 80's street punk sound but updated with a new school feel and really works! It's passionate, it's gritty and it sounds like these guys really know what they're doing. Also I'm liking the ethics in this record. My only draw back would be sometimes the vocals are a little too snotty and hard to make out, but that's just being super picky, cause this is a sweet album! Even with a more spoken word tune "Waster" you can really feel the power of The Bullet Kings. My pick of the tracks would be "London Town" and "Porno Pig". This is a great album, well worth checking out for not just the street punk fans, but anyone who enjoys some damn decent punk rock!

Mr. T


The Bullet Kings “Rebels Without Reason” (Casket Records)


Although three years old, this album by The Bullet Kings recently came into my possession and having listened to it a few times, I felt the need to give it my fullest attention and produce the following review.


I like to think I have some knowledge of what’s going on musically in the UK but I’m beginning to realise there is a huge gulf in what I am aware of and within that gulf are numerous bands who both deserve and require my attention.


The Bullet Kings are one of those bands.  A three piece from “up North”, made up of Wilf (bass and vocals), Carl (guitar and some vocals) and Andy (drums), three guys who from the pictures to be found of this band look particularly scary and intimidating – ideal for a punk rock band!  To say that these guys have been round the block a few times would not be to put them down – I’m 44 years old myself and still love all things punk rock, so I take my hat off to the boys for keeping on doing what they’re doing.  Let’s face it, if Charlie Harper can keep the UK Subs going at his age then that should give hope to many more bands, musicians who feel the need to carry on.


The Bullets Kings produce a 17 track album which is not breaking any new ground in terms of being punk rock but what comes through across all of the songs is passion, desire and a commitment to continue fighting against what is wrong in this country, and presumably in many others too.  In addition to this, The BK’s (sounds like a well known fast food chain!) manage to avoid coming across as just another bunch of old duffers churning out the same fodder that they played 20 years ago.


Wilf’s vocals have a terrific gravelly sound which gives the songs an air of menace at times although he can show a slightly softer side where needed.  Carl’s guitar has a West Coast Epitaph feel, along the lines of, but without imitating, Bad Religion and Pennywise, two of the powerhouses of punk over the last few decades.  Andy’s drumming fits in well without being overly done, giving a solid rhythm section.  What I hear in this band is a hint of the aforementioned California bands, with a dose of Canada’s prime punk exports, DOA, mixed in with a general street punk/Oi! feel that should appeal across the many genres to be found in punk rock these days.


Lyrically, The Bullet Kings keep clear of any kind of Graffinesque approach and make sure that the words get over the messages in a straightforward manner.  It’s always good to find a band that can address any kind of fascism, “Friday Night Nazi” whilst also calling those who use the internet for the furthering of the reducing women to nothing more than objects (“Porno Pigs”).


My own favourite song is “London Town”, hitting out at the impersonal city where the inhabitants go blindly about their business, so often not noticing all that is going on around them.  The subject reminds me of “Piccadilly Circus” by Stiff Little Fingers, which also mentions getting stabbed whilst in England’s main city.


“Punk Not Profit” addresses the way record labels have used bands over the years to try and follow trends and make some quick cash, most of which is never seen by those producing and performing the music as they get sucked up into big machines and turned into tiny cogs.  The lines “Profit margins and market size/Men with pound signs in their eyes/Turn chaos into cash” say it all as this still continues today.


One cannot do anything other than admire those who stick to their guns and have not used punk as a phase in their life to shock those around them.  To me, it’s made me who I am, in the way I think, question and refuse to accept things without looking further into them.  This record makes me believe that the members of The Bullet Kings are like minded souls and that always adds something special to what is being produced.


I’d imagine that these guys provide a very entertaining and exhausting live show, one that hopefully comes to a town near me soon.


PS - Having already heard the yet to be released new album I can say that The Bullet Kings are not a band to rest on their laurels – check out “Rebels Without Reason” and keep your ears pinned back ready for “Long Time Dead” due out later in 2010, as it’s even better.



Following the "’Brand New Disgrace’ 7” you’ve got another heavy yet melodic slab of wax from THE BULLET KINGS in their UK meets US style that blends the sounds of LEATHERFACE and SNUFF with mid-era BAD RELIGION and a slower, early PENNYWISE. It’s raw but well produced and I’m glad that it’s got that gritty edge and trough bite – especially since the vocals are coarse and, in turn,  they work well with the vocal backing harmonies and melodic riffs.


The ‘Brand New Disgrace’ 7” had a cover of the UK SUBS’ ‘Saints And Sinners’ and this time they cover CHARLIE HARPE’S ‘Talk Is Cheap’ and give it the BULLET KINGS treatment. Solid stuff. Continuing in the coloured wax theme this time it’s on luminous puke yellow.

Voltage Records

LONG TIME DEAD (punter review)
No size zeros here, these three larger sized lads have been busy preparing for the follow up album to Rebels Without Reason.
Andy's got new sticks, Carl has changed his strings and Wilf has been gargling with gravel.... The result is unmistakeably "Bullet Kings" and very good.
This is my first review and I liken this CD to an expensive bottle of wine....... stay with me on this please!
The initial flavour hit of the title track "Long Time Dead" assaults your musical palate with a very well balanced hard edge leaving you wanting to try more. Softer (but no less excellent) midtones of "My Country" and "No Money No Nothing" filter into the very moreish "Fuck You" (quite!). The experience is rounded off very nicely with "A Better Place" which, to me, has a subtle hint of The Skids to it. Just when you think the flavour has gone, the aftertaste of "Talk is Cheap" emerges from the silence, bashing your senses and leaving you in no doubt that this is a classic full bodied Bullet Kings production which will be enjoyed for many years to come.
Cheers Boys..... mines a large carafe!

I have seen The BK bandits a few times over the years and this will be the 7th review of their produce so far. These fat bastards may consume a lot but boy do they produce a fair bit too - and I ain't talking flatulence. Ok, for the Fungal one they do drop the odd (deliberate) turd but hey when I criticise they recognise my honesty and still send me stuff to review (see that's punk for ya not like some who see their arses and say 'oooh mother that Fungal is a right cunt - he says this song is not good'). In truth though the sloppy stools are few and far between in an ocean of well recycled solids and thus I am guilty of being a fan. Yes, a Bullet Kings fan I be but this does not sway my views on this album. I'll tell you how it is and come at you in true Fungal style. Here we have 10 tracks with a hidden extra and my opinion is firm throughout!

'Long Time Dead' is the first to slip from the rhythmic rectum and yet is far from the expected shite (no I didn't expect shite but using the word rectum may swing a few thoughts that way). Anyway this is fuckin' bang on the button and starts what is the best BK piece of kit to date. Swift, with cutting riffage, it does what every opening track of an album should do and that is to make a strong, lasting impact! The passion exudes from every orifice and the subject matter rings true and subliminally gives you the listener the message to get off your fuckin' fat arse! Ye Mr Harper introduces the next one which all you UK Subs fans should be well acquainted with. This is a classic from the much maligned 'Mad Cow Fever' album and is done with such unique and articulate attention that Charlie would (and indeed is) be proud of this one. Slicing guitar, gravelled vocals and busy bustling drums played with aplomb and you have one of the best cover songs of the year.

Dishing out two blasting punches gets one reeling and the accurate uppercut that comes next minces mind matter. 'My Country' may slow the pace but the impact is nothing less than thudding. An anthem for sure and like I have said on a previous occasion, if this would have been released by a more acknowledged band the punters would be pissing themselves with sycophantic gushings. Hey cunts - The Bullet Kings are as relevant as anybody and if you hate prejudice of any kind then surely the status of a band doesn't matter! On to 'No Money No Nothing' a real drizzling piece that labours in the halls of dark depression and self-shit pity. The clouds are dark, the strums sedate and a miserable melody pervades all. The BK's expect this old pernickety Fungal specimen to hate this one and (dramatic pause) - they are wrong! This is a good song that comes via an emotive slipstream that banishes any thoughts of being bored before the 4 minute 40 second deadline is up. Man this is way too long for Fungal here - well so I thought! This shadowy number appears in the glow and fades away without one realising. Gentle but bitter, lazy but effective, defeated but very much winning - good one!

I have reviewed 'Brand New Disgrace' before and there is no evidence here that changes my mind and makes me think this is anything less than concrete quality. I really like this and it is a typical BK burst. The frayed edges here help not only this song but the entire CD and I am wanting more of this slightly soiled sonic underwear already! Kinky hey? Regular riffage, twisting screw driving intricacies and a generally strong tune - yeah that’ll do. Next a poison piece for me and a song that in the past I personally would have tossed in the bin labelled 'shite'. Well I have many bins and this has been moved from the aforementioned receptacle and been moved up to 'so so' status. It's better than I thought but still a dodgy dullard liable to slip by unnoticed (similar in fact to being bummed by a midget I am told). The beginning is uninspired and the whole concoction never really breaks free from its over-focussed shackles. This Fungal blip doesn't effect my liking for the CD and 'Fuck You' may very well be a response to my thoughts of the previous ditty but is a fuckin' good track anyway. This one wears the skimpiest of briefs and skips by in a 1 minute 27 second sprint that leaves a nice impression indeed. Highly tempered but adequately controlled, the punctuating guitar coupled with Wilf's pebbledash verbage and Andy's pressured drumming gives us another gold medal number.

3 to go and the exemplary beauty of the surging 'Violence In The City' is 100% fungal fruit. Soft strings help us take a seat before it is whipped away and we are left in a heap on the floor, bludgeoned by the onslaught the BK machine throws our way. Despite the aggro-based output and the swift power-punching inflection the band still retain sing-a-long melody which just gives that winning edge. Frontman Wilf goes on one and the two other players are dragged into the melee. Rhythmic fists fly, steel capped sonics hit the midriff and inciting head butts rattle the noggin. '7 in 77' acousticises and is escorted (or dragged by the collar if you prefer) by Wilfredo's now signature gruffalo vocals. The flavour tastes of nostalgia, the noise is of the day and yet something orthodox this way comes. It is a regular stand-up BK offering that combines both solid chorus and verse with an obvious melody and comes out smelling of lavender (I hate roses). 'A Better Place' has a teary eyed look and will have many a retro nut singing along in irritating compliance and thus make this something of a sing-a-long ballad. This isn't a bad do though and the crowd capturing inflection mat be deliberate or not but the fact is it fuckin' well works. This would be a proud way to finish but oh you lucky 'erberts you have a treat in store. A secret cover track awaits thee my dear spiky top and it is one to savour. They have done Mr Harper proud and that is all I'm saying. If you keep up with this site you may know what I am talking about and if you don't check here regularly then eat your own shite you ignorant twat.

I'm well chuffed with this one and by far and away is this the best Bullet Kings shit to date. That is quite a statement as this crew have produced some hefty floaters on many occasions but I am sure this will move the whole band forward in leaps and bounds. Ok these chunky chaps may not leap and bound but you get my drift I hope - The BK's will be bouncing your way soon - prepare to be blasted (or squashed)!

  Emperors New Clothes Zine    

The Bullet Kings – Long Time Dead (Casket Records) (preview copy)

Well, this rather nicely packaged promo of the long awaited Bullet Kings 2 nd full length release came my way this week and what can I say, 10 tracks of blistering Street Punk delivered in the imitable Bullet Kings style we’ve become accustomed to.

Wilf with his trademark ‘I gargle gravel’ vocals, Carl with his amazing guitar work and harmonies and Andy,well Nuff Said ! , I challenge any drummer to hit stuff as hard as this guy does.

Some of these tracks have been reworked from previous releases, with new backing vocals etc., and fit in really well with the new songs.

Impossible to pick a favourite, but stand out tracks for me are, 7 in 77, Long Time Dead and the amazing cover of UK Subs ‘Saints and Sinners’ with lyrics specially rewritten by Charlie Harper for the band.

If you get a chance, catch these guys live and save up your hard earned cash and buy the album when it’s released in February 2010, you won’t regret it !

And finally, this is yet another project pulled together by Carl Arnfield, without a doubt one of the hardest working geezers on the Punk Rock scene in the UK.


Reviewed by Ann Onimity

The Bullet Kings - Talk is Cheap (B side)

"If the UK Subs had done it, this is what it would have sounded like"

Charlie Harper, 19th Nov 2009

  Emperors New Clothes Zine    

The Bullet Kings – Long Time Dead / Talk is Cheap

So not only do I get a GREEN vinyl .... I get a fucking YELLOW one as well from The Bullet Kings, how fucking fast do these guys work?

A Side – “Long Time Dead”, oh yes, fast and nasty, but somehow very polished ?... great sing along chorus, this track doesn’t mess around, and like all good punk singles, you want to play it again as soon as it is finished (which I have a few times)

B Side – “Talk is Cheap” I do believe this is a Charlie Harper song from a VERY long time ago, after searching my vinyl, yes indeed, on greeny coloured vinyl from the early 80’s, what a strange song to cover?.... but it’s strange HOW close they are to capturing the old skool vibe of the original recording.

What’s nice is yet again The Bullet Kings have added their own twist to the old track... fuckers!!

Emperors New Clothes Zine

  Lights Go Out zine    

The Bullet Kings – Brand New Disgrace / Saints And Sinners 7” (Voltage)

Loads of reviews for TBK in this issue, here we have a green vinyl – it’s nice! Double A side job. “Brand New Disgrace” is a sweet punk rock melody with what seems like lyrics that comment on society, me likey! “Saints And Sinners” has a more classic punk feel to it, some nice guitar work, great bass and decent vocals (backing too!). TBK are more your older sounding 80’s street punk and this is a great single, vinyl rocks!

Mr. T

  Emperors New Clothes Zine    

The Bullet Kings - Brand New Disgrace / Saints and Sinners (Voltage Records)

Green Vinyl, that’s one hell of a way to please this old punker, seems The Bullet Kings have been working hard again on producing some new songs and getting them pressed up on vinyl, retro yes, but cool as fuck in my book.

A double AA this time, I have heard the odd song from these guys on the NW PUNK UK CD’s, but this stuff is a lot harder and more aggressive?.... two sides to this lot I guess

A Side- “Brand New Disgrace”, seems to be pointed at the fucked up Ms Winehouse or WHINEHOUSE , whatever the bitch is called I don’t care, I love that someone is shooting the bitch down a peg or two.

AA Side -  A complete rework of a UK Subs classic track “Saints And Sinners”, it’s always  thin ice for me when a band starts doing cover version, to tackle a Subs track .... well.... it’s war!.

So you will be pleased to hear that this is one hell of a version, and seems The Bullet Kings have added their own style to the track and added MORE to it. A very welcome change

So Green vinyl and 2 cracking tracks ... what more can you ask from a punk single?

Emperors New Clothes Zine

  Fungal Punk    


Another single here this time in a stunning yellow vinyl - beautiful. One song is a BK effort, the other a rehash of one of Charlie Harpers early solo efforts. In fact I am so dated that I remember buying the latter single from a local record store and being quite impressed. All these years on would I feel the same about this unexpected cover version?

We start with 'Long Time Dead' a song that kicks in with impressive punk rock drive and has me thinking of a noise made by another underdog band that I will leave you to mull over and see if you make the same comparison. This is a really meaty effort and makes an initial impact with my sober self that is fully appreciated. There is a controlled anger behind Wilfredo's (front man and bassist) vocals that seem to have grown in stature and definite confidence and this helps the final overflow no end. The guitar is different from Carls usual style and all I can really say about this is that the change is long overdue and a real fuckin' treat. For me young Mr Arnfield has needed some extra juice through the amps of late and perhaps this is the beginning of a musical stage this dedicated 'erbert is about to be drawn into. I ain't criticising Carl and what he does by the way as I am a real fan of this ginger bastard, but its nice to see people stretch themselves and always good to see them dabble in new territory. Anyway on this evidence I certainly hope the six-stringed strummer keeps it flowing in this direction - it's sounding good man - real good. The drums are rock solid and big man Andy who hammers away with vandalising vindictiveness is becoming near enough the complete package. Armed to the teeth with talent the BK's have tapped it true here and the song is a joy. One of their best - yeah why not! The verse is strong and the chorus swift and ensnaring. Add to this a complimentary production to the bands general essence and no complaints are had.

A guitar twinge, a staccato strum and suddenly the years roll by. Its 1980 and a young Fungal heads home with Charlie Harpers first solo single under his glue stained arm. The green disc is thrown into the record player and 'Barmy London Army' rings out - great fuckin' song. A few plays and the B-side is played - yeah another prime cut 'Talk Is Cheap'. Pinging around in the bedroom playing air guitar between bouts of self abuse (in all ways if I remember rightly) this was another gem (on the record label Gem) that would keep me entertained for many a fine hour. Who would have guessed that 3 chums of mine would be covering this latter effort almost 30 years later and really doing Mr Harpers solid efforts proud. When I first heard they were covering another Harper effort (Saints and Sinners by the Subs has recently been tackled with great success) my curiosity was aroused. A hit or a shit - which way would the deviant coin fall? Well in truth this is a darn solid effort and has the old school vibe as well as the Bullet King's personal touch. I love it and the nostalgia/modern day crossover is achieved and meets all punk rocks special needs. The tune has a naive joyousness that just grips the attention and squeezes out nothing more than a contented toothless punk rock smile. Rock 'n' roll is gently etched inside and out and the casual sing-a-long flow is a genuine winning ingredient. What more can I add - wonderful. Also if anyone is passing my house and hears this tune blasting from a lighted window then please carry on - the silhouette of a 40 odd year old man sporting a hard-on whilst playing the aforementioned air guitar isn't me!

Well the second double-A side from the BK trio in a short space of time with both efforts capturing the old school output and regenerating it into a modern day package. The look, the noise and the effort are borne of yesteryear with a total relevance to punks today - fuck the ups and downs of our scene and just switch off and enjoy these soothing segments that drip with the juices of everything that is good about our noise. A big tap on the back for this and punters - order a copy now! Oh and by the way you would not find a bigger critic of cover versions than myself but when they are played this well and are part of an armoury of a bands equally effective material I have no room to gripe - now go on - get yerself a copy.

  Override Zine    

This release on green vinyl from Boltons The Bullet Kings is a bit of a treat. The A side "Brand New Disgrace" is a song slagging off Amy Winehouse, but it's the other side where things get interesting. "Saints & Sinner" is a rework of the classic UK Subs song.

When The Bullet Kings asked Charlie Harper if they could do the track, he wrote some new lyrics for it because he wasnt happy with the old ones.

The result are great and Mr Harper even makes an appearance on the intro, Nice Job

  UK Subs Face Book    

The Bullet Kings, from Bolton in Lancashire, UK, have just released a new double A-sided green vinyl 7" single.
Of particular interest to all members of this Facebook U.K. Subs Fan Club will be Side AA, which is a cover version of the U.K. Subs track off the Mad Cow Fever LP, 'Saints and Sinners'.

Side A is called 'Brand New Disgrace' and both tracks are superb slices of gutsy, guitary, tuneful and catchy punk rock. The new version of 'Saints and Sinners' sounds like it kicks off with Charlie stating "It isn't every day that the Bullet Kings do Saints and Sinners", and then the music kicks off in style...

"Old style Punk Rock from Up North" is how the band describe themselves, and you really should treat yourself and grab a copy of this mighty piece of Subs-related vinyl.

The 'Saints and Sinners' lyrics for this version have been re-written exclusively by Charlie Harper for the Bullet Kings,

  Dead Lamb Records always sound better on vinyl. good stuff! cheers hugh
  Fungal Punk    


Being a long term UK Subs fan I was somewhat worried when I found out that The Bullet Kings were going to tackle that wonderful gem 'Saints And Sinners' from the hit and miss album 'Mad Cow Fever'. This is another one of those memorable Subs moments and the thought that the very fine Bullet Kings were bordering on a blasphemous implosion had me concerned due to the fact that I would be asked to review this double A sided snippet. But alas it is nice to be tested as a reviewer and this two track single that is to be released on green vinyl (in true UK Subs spirit) and limited to a 300 copy run certainly gave hints at a arduous assessment ahead for the Fungal pedant. Within a couple of days of receiving the disk I was already being questioned by two of the BK trio as to what I thought. Fuckin' hell talk about pressure. True to form I made the fuckers wait (one of the perks of the job) and took my time evaluating this double barrelled outburst.

So 'Brand New Disgrace', by gum I thought for a minute is was entitled 'Brand New Age'. Two Subs covers would have me reaching for the Mogodon and Holy water. The first to calm the nerves, the second to throw over these sacrilegious devils. Anyway all safe and well the track was spun over and over again and from first spin to the last I really can't find a fault. Well constructed, full of melody and all components as clear as crystal. The most amazing thing about this song is that its running time comes up at 4 minutes 49 seconds which I find totally unbelievable. I hate it when bands draw out a point that could be thrashed out in half the time but find myself in disagreement with my own opinions as this is just one long enjoyable jaunt. This factor alone signifies the strength of the song and I think the band are fully justified in this being a double header. But what happens if 'Saints And Sinners' is a pile of shite and a real insult to punks finest band? Well........

The track opens with good old Chaz uttering the telephonic statement 'It's not everyday The Bullet Kings do Saints And Sinners' which is a brilliant touch before we are led into the oh so wonderful familiar riff that I absolutely adore. Here the BK bandits stamp on their own inflection which immediately bodes well and takes away any misgivings on my part. I wonder immediately how frontman Wilfredo will cope in the main seat but you know what - the fucker pulls it off most wonderfully. The riff ploughs on and the whole track just melts into one smoothly poured pint of delicious tuneage. The backing vocals are spot on and the drums are played with a skilful zest as Big Andy (Super Subs nut extraordinaire) bangs away with what I suspect to be pure, unadulterated hard-on joy. I have followed the Subs for 30 years and thought I was fuckin' keen but this guy is fan No 1 and for such a big fellar he really has the most childlike infectious joy on his mug whenever talking about his fave outfit. A bloody big puddin' indeed but one you don't want to mess with. Carls guitar work is, as ever, exemplary (twat) and all three players should take pride in showing how a cover should be done. There are bands out there covering Subs songs and slaughtering them and, get this, being fuckin' paid for it - aagghhh! Is this the best Subs cover I have ever heard - mmmm - tough one. It is certainly the most adventurous and in truth I can't think of a better one - there is one equal to it but you had better watch this space.

So there you have it - 2 songs, 2 gems (Trivia moment: Gem - UK Subs released quite a bit on that label) and this marvellous 3-piece have my favour - well for the moment anyway. Like I said earlier this is a 300 copy run - do not miss out!


  ENC Zine    
    2. The Bullet Kings, and yet again another odd slant on punk like on the first CD, at least they have words in this song, it aint the normal “bish bash bosh” that you expect from punk, it’s very measured indeed. It makes you think where can punk be taken?.
  Fungal Punk    
    'You Gotta Learn' by The Bullet Kings.  On a 'live' basis The BK's do it for me every time but over the last few releases they have been a very hit and miss band for my personal acoustic appetite.  Sometimes sharp and acidic with plenty of flavour yet sometimes dull and lacking any really spice.  This offering is the latter I am afraid to say and after numerous plays I just can't seem to like the bugger.  It never really kicks into gear and the wind-down is just too repetitive and gets on my aural titties.  This is no bad thing though because if the hit and miss theme continues with such alarming regularity then the next one will be a cracker.
  Burnout Zine    

... the North West punk scene is well represented by The Bullet Kings

  Emperors New Clothes Zine    

9 The Bullet Kings – Gringo . WTF!, didn’t expect this, Mexican punk from Bolton?, no singing just a very great vocal melody and guitar line, bouncy as hell and as catchy as craps, made me laugh, that’s the joy of punk it can be many things, pure and simple fun.

  Fungal Punk    

The Bullet Kings - Gringo (Northwest Punk UK) Voltage Records

"Gringo" is a fine example of 3 men having a breakdown and trying to recapture their youth by composing a Saturday Morning TV theme tune

  Kill Your Own Zine    
Prime Cuts EP Voltage Records

Read the AFS/Bullet Kings album reviews and you will get a good idea what this ep is gonna be about.

Six tracks, 3 apiece, of punk rock, seeminly written and played for the fun and the love of it. AFS throw in some solos to mix things up and the bullet kings show their angry side. 
  Light Go Out    
    Arthritic Foot Soldiers / The Bullet Kings – Prime Cuts E.P. 7” (Voltage)A nice split EP on blue vinyl, at 33 1/3 rpm as well means we get three tracks per band. AFS take the “thin” side with some decent punk, skate in thought, maybe not quite as good as the stuff on Immature Nobodies also reviewed in this issue to be honest, but still pretty darn good shit. I wasn’t expecting them to chuck a mandolin in the middle of a song (at least it might be a mandolin)! The “phat” side goes to The Bullet Kings and having reviewed a fuckload of their stuff already this issue I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. And yep it’s street punk and bloody enjoyable stuff. It’s well worth getting hold of this vinyl!Mr. T
  No Front Teeth    


AFS deliver 3 tracks of old school punk rock that’s melodic and raw with gruff vocals and mixes the classic early English sound with an American more melodic edge, it’s straightforward and solid and that’s all it needs to be for me! THE BULLET KINGS (who feature Carl from A.F.S.) also deliver 3 cuts but in a more melodic style, still classic punk rock influenced  but with a more power-pop feel to it but still with the gravely vocals which makes it pretty interesting because it’s usually very sung melodic vocals that would accompany this style but this works. Cool split with both bands delivering some good old fashioned punk rock.

Voltage Records

  Burnout Zine    

AFS /BULLET KINGS prime cuts e.p.

Two of the Northwest hardest working bands have been in the studio again, this time to team upto release a split EP. which cunningly uses "Fat Side" and "Thin Side" to dodge the awkward question of who gets to be on the "A side" without resorting to the stupid term "double A side" -

Ill be Diplomatic 'n' go alphabetical...

Of AFS 3 tracks, I though "I Spy" was a weak one to open with and too repeative but we are back on form with the other two, "Drinking in Anger" and "Punk Rock & Skateboards" continuing their quest to make the highest number of songs containing skateboard references.

On The Bullet Kings side, kicking off in style with the topical "Gutter Press" (not aimed at Moi i hope) followed by "My Country" both being typical Bullet Kings rowdy anthems. I get the impression the EP deadlinewas looming at this point though as the final track "Fuck You" is a lazy swearathon.

  Buffalo Pacific    

AFS /BULLET KINGS prime cuts e.p. ........

it was refreshing to see an ep on vinyl in 2008,just like you used to get ,more to the point a clear blue yinyl ep...even more to the point a clear blue vinyl ep that had a collection of some great old school punk rock music.

starting with the bullet kings ,[on the fat side]
the first track'gutter press' has a dark sound with gravelly vocals,the 'my country' has an anthem like approach with some great riffs,& 'fuck you' is just full on punk the fucker loud as is should be enjoyed..quality.

AFS [on the thin side]..kicks in with 'i spy'..a tongue in cheek little ditty that has 'all the right bits ,in all the right places' you would expect from this band.
'drinking in anger' made me smirk as this really has a' chuck yer beer over the nearest person' feel to it.. ..,the middle bridge sounds like the levellers being beaten to death with some proper punk rock....fucking nice one..
& the last track' punk rock & skateboards' has a sound that would sound at home at any skate sesh or pub punch up....
all in, i look forward to more e.p'.s like this from two of the uk's premier northern punk outfits....
old school? know it makes fucking sense.....
''yes officer,it was the blue vinyl that made me do it.''....

  Scootering magazine    

AFS / Bullet Kings Prime cuts EP

Oh for the joy of 7 inches of coloured vinyl!

Voltage’s latest collaboration from label-mates AFS and The Bullet Kings arrived in the form of a blue 7” single, though why one side is named the thin side and the other fat (with an old school F) I’ll leave to your imagination…

On to the turntable then, first track, “I-spy” immediately made me want to dance, which for a fat forty something is saying something! It’s a jaunty little number which bounces (or is that me?) along nicely. 2 minutes later they launch into the raucous sing-along that is Drinking in anger” before returning (literally) to their roots for “Punk rock and skateboards”. Munki Boy’s gravely vocals being nicely offset by CJ’s masterful string plucking. The thin side is a raucous cacophony of no-frill, no-fuss, straight to the point 2-minute marvels.

On to the flip, or should that be fat side then for The Bullet Kings’ full frontal onslaught, gone are the days of grass roots bands with a handful of chords to their name. The Bullet Kings are nothing if not skilled musicians who just happen to play Punk rock – this band is tight!

“Gutter press’ ” Sex Pistol’s – esque guitar intro is punctured with a voice maintained by decades of pies and beer. Wilf’s words are spat out in a full frontal onslaught backed up by Carl nimble fingers and Andy’s sticks. I couldn’t decide if “My Country” was a comment on Orwellian paranoia or Nationalistic pride, if I could just infiltrate Wilf’s thick Northern growl! – A mid tempo track that will have you pogo-ing and chanting the chorus. “Fuck you” on the other hand is anything but subtle; Wilf must have something he needs to get off his chest! Its confrontational lyrics are countered by a comedic intro and up-beat guitar riff and thumping drum beat.

I might not have been bopping to the bullet kings but I gave myself whiplash instead…

Runcorn rich,

  Fungal Punk    


Fuckin' ell - talk about being dropped in the shit. Two bands I adore and filled with people I consider chums and now a split vinyl to review with everyone involved. That ginger bastard Carl Arnfield has a lot to answer for but during this trial for OMD I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So here it bloody well goes.

Released in Retro blue vinyl there is a comforting embrace of how things were done and how things can still be done irrespective of critiques and followers of modes. As long as the music holds up it is nice to dabble at different presentations and AFS and The Bullet Kings hardly ever fall short of producing the goods music-wise.

So to the first side with AFS offering 3 slices of their pleasing punk rock. As usual the sound is instantaneously recognisable and the adhesive essence is just as prevalent. 'I-Spy' is typical arthritic stuff albeit of the traditional kind. Such are the perils of having an obvious sound. It ain't a bad track though but as a fan I am chomping at the bit for new stuff and track 2 'Drinking In Anger' has many a leaning towards meeting these desires with its combination of Irish twiddlings and the bands gritty vibe. The combination works and perhaps shouldn't but one thing is for sure - an axe is well and truly swung!

The inklings of the elaborate are realised even further with 'Punk Rock And Skateboards' as a maturity is founded that in someways deflowers its own innocence. A tree is now felled and several seeds are sown in new pastures giving rise to expectancy of new fruit and bountiful blooms. Let the waters come and we shall await the new growth.

Flipping over we come across 3 compositions by those beefy baldies (less so in Wilf's case) The Bullet Kings. Now in the past I have had reason to moan and groan about a couple of efforts by these large lads which I found didn't set the chemicals a cruising. In conjunction with these gripes I have also been given excuse to fly the BK flag real high and write glowing praises for many a fine song this lot have battered forth. Here we have more of the same.

'Gutterpress' - what can I say? This is an absolute loser for me and with hand on heart it is one of the bands worst tracks to date. Again I must emphasise this is truly a personal opinion but the song seems to lack any bite whatsoever and just comes across as a bit of filling in the pie. A replication of previous efforts donning a disguise that doesn't make me sit up and think 'What have we here then'. Perhaps it is me (it wouldn't be the first time) but there you go - a weak opening nonetheless.

Now here comes the conundrum. After a song that fails to stir the very depths of my mental knackers to an anthem that not only grinds those said globes to gratifying glory but arouses the intellectual member to a state of incredible inflation. 'My Country' is a masterpiece and I feel is the bands best song to date. Hows that - worst and best in two foul swoops - now that's awkward for you. 'My Country' oozes pride, punk craft and a high standard of genre know-how and really is a remarkable piece of punk rock patriotism. If Cocksparrer would have composed this many a shaven headed 'erbert would have been shitting' himself with biased delight at another homage (in some ways) to this great and glorious land. Bollocks to that - forget influence and wavered opinion - this is the real deal and I hope for the band and the scene that this epic contribution doesn't get mislaid in the creaking vaults of punk rocks overlooked triumphs. Every now and again a band turns out something special - here we have the Bullet Kings moment.

'Fuck You' closes and despite the aggressive title is not as venomous as you may imagine. It's a bouncy old tune and reflects the BK's emphasis on melody rather than all-out rage but now and again this lot combine the two and the fireworks dazzle. Not bad at all though and keeps the flow going for this prolific band.

A fair split which I am sure will be greeted with gushing praise and much appreciation. This fernickity fungal fellar has found a few personal sourballs but at least it's an honest review. Guilty as charged.

  ARF Zine    

Prime Cuts EP
Split 7 inch EP with AFS

Wow a record, some people really know the way to our hearts! It might be time for a mixtape! A.F.S. & the Bullet Kings have sent the 'Prime Cuts EP', yet another selection of songs, this time on one 7" record! It's 33 1/3rpm so we get 3 tracks from them both (i think, although its hard to check whilst the records playing!). The second from A.F.S. spits lyrically about 'drinking in anger' and has a splendid little twiddly bit of unexpected folk (to appeal to a wider range of hardcore drinkers?!) whilst the rest of the side keeps to that raw sound we all know & love! The Bullet kings give us a slightly slower & rockier selection with vox that sound like Matt Freeman from Rancid! The riffs have an old skool quirky feel & it's well gud fun!

More reviews soon!
Jim & Nati ARF

  Mass Movement    

Bullet Kings, The – My Country (Voltage Records)
One of the chubbiest punk bands I’ve seen since Poison Idea, the Bullet Kings might be a bit fond of the pies but they still know how to give it laldy. A gritty, melodic hardcore tune with both stylistic and lyrical nods to Leatherface (“dark satanic mills” indeed – not that Frankie came up with that line originally either) but a little bit more raw. Let’s ‘ave ya!

Distorted Magazine    

THE BULLET KINGS - MY COUNTRY (download single june 23rd 2008)

The top band mentality of the punk populace is once again under attack here in the form of a DIY monochrome video featuring underdog band The Bullet Kings. Its a basic 'band at work' video with these 3 bruisers beltin' out yet another anthemic classic oozing passion and hard riffolgy. This video offering wouldn't look out of place on MTV yet any inkling of attitude and true punk spirit seems to constantly hinder bands gaining any sort of foothold. A disgrace and all down to the corporate dogs who fuck music inside out and know nothing of bands of this high standard.

A classic snippet from a band capable of competing with the more 'flavour of the month' filth that blocks the bowels of the shitty music scene. Quality through and through and a definite watch.


Fungal Punk Underdogs Vol.1 Reviews

Bolton punks The Bullet kings who are 3 members of the late Oi band Churchill have ditched the Oi label they were well known for and come up with a different sound that is in my opinion more appealing. Wilf's gravelly vocals work well for this tuneful band and this is just one song from a collection of fine songs they are amassing

The Bullet Kings’s 'Alcohol and Speed' is next up at Track 10, and this is definitely one of the highlights of the album. It starts surprisingly folky with a couple of unaccompanied lines sung by what might be termed a ‘haggard’ voice. The band kicks in with driving rhythm guitar and a lovely lead lick and I’m hard-pressed to stay in my seat. It’s a fabulous cautionary tale of too much booze and drugs, broken rock ‘n’ roll dreams, feeling shit, getting dumped, being let down (personally or by the music biz), and then going out and getting fucked up on booze and drugs again. There are glorious subtleties there too, such as the bass licks and then throbbing guitar at the end of the chorus and the rising guitar towards the end of the first half of the verse. Quite honestly, if this is the angst-laden punk rock ‘n’roll that results from bad living, then we’d all be better off for a bit of that lifestyle. Little-wonder he sounds a bit haggard…


Bullet Kings "Rebels Without Reason"

This is some gruff sounding but catchy punk rock. They keep a peppy pace, stick to the 3 chord, 3/3 timing basics, and sound like they are having a wonderfully juvenile good time (though the pics. of the band in the inserts show some somewhat grizzled and weatherd hard looking lifers - just goes to show that you can't judge a musician by their sound.) The lyrics are usually pretty simple, but they also have a little something to say about the state of the world. My favorite lines are form the song "Porno Pig" Its simple but so true "You could never resist, the pleasures of the wrist." I don't know why, that just seemed to ring so true to me. These guys sound like they have been around for a while, got themselves a bit jaded in the process, but still feel that overwhelming urge to contribute to the scene that constantly sells out and disappoints them. I'm with them there too. I feel like we've had a lot of the same experience. Listeing to the Bullet Kings is just comes naturally to me. Its like I've heard them forever. They just fit right in to my life - Just like that!

  Dead Earnest    
Rebels Without Reason CD

17 tracks that sound like someone's put early Motorhead and Dropkick Murphys in a blender, mixed them up and then distilled into a bottle marked "finest punk rock 2007". Oddly enough, that's really all you need to know - if that captures your imagination, you'll love this - if not, won't. Next please........

Andy Garibaldi (Dead Earnest) 11-07

  Burnout Fanzine    
    The Bullet Kings
Rebel Without Reason

the greater manchester punks release their debut album hot on the heels of last years EP's, most tracks from the EP's appear again here, most notably 'private death' and punk anthem 'alcohol & speed', of the newer material stand out tracks include 'friday night nazi' oi sing along 'truth' and the title track 'rebel without reason' which has a feel of an irish drinking song yet warns of the perils of drinking.
Rock 3    
    The Bullet Kings
Rebel Without Reason

The Bullet Kings play the type of anthemic punk rock that bleeds experience of the short end of the stick, lyrics that you can relate to, lyrics that remind you of the hard reality of life in the real world when you have to fight to earn your bread, where hunger sharpens your wits and your minds. Seventeen pumping chanting sing along songs that will appeal to those who have had to fight their way out of the gutter and for those still down there.The Bullet Kings play catchy tunes that will instantly have you doing shambolic pogo'ngdown the pub and in those impromptu parties after the barbie has gone out, and with seventeen tracks to chant too this will go on and on.

For 15 to 60 something’s, you will all enjoy some of this.

  Mass Movement    
    Bullet Kings, the – Rebels Without Reason CD (Casket)
We’ve all seen those “Old punx don’t die – they just stand at the back” T-Shirts… but what happens to old-school punk bands? On this evidence they sign contracts with Casket Records, because the Bullet Kings have the kind of old-school approach that brings to mind the likes of Chaos UK and The Exploited, albeit just slightly tempered with a Snuff / Leatherface-influenced melodic edge. It’s the kind of thing you used to be able to find people playing seven nights a week in northern towns about 15 years ago, but now it’s so unusual that The Bullet Kings almost sound original. In fact, they’re more of a does-eactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of band – free of pretentiousness, clearly bloody dedicated to what they do and totally, gloriously unconcerned at their total lack of fashionability. I’d be surprised if “Rebels Without Reason” ends up contesting Mariah Carey or Coldplay for the top spot on the charts, but for all that it’s still a bloody enjoyable, energised listen. Personally, I suspect that the best way to have this mob rock your world is to imbibe several litres of cider and then watch them tear up a stage, but if you’re as old-school as I am, make it a priority to clap your hearers round this.
    Two fingers to the system and everyone else, old school UK punk rock…

I remember this. It’s what we used to call punk rock before some clever buggers decided to make life complicated and created a hundred different sub-genres of punk and Hardcore. Just trying to count them makes my head hurt, and I’ve got a nagging suspicion that it does the same to The Bullet Kings. There’s nothing complicated about these chaps, they play straight forward, straight to the point, sing-a-long early 80’s UK punk rock. Think Charged GBH, Peter And The Test Tube Babies or The Exploited playing Green Day tunes and you should have a picture perfect image of what The Bullet Kings do. Two fingers up, no nonsense punk rock that you want to start slamming around the room to, want to sing along with and want everybody out there to hear. Punk rock played the way punk rock should eb played. By punks for punks…

By: Tim Mass Movement

  Punk & Oi Uk    
    THE BULLET KINGS - Rebels Without Reason (Casket Music)

Debut album from the band formed out of the ashes of Churchill who, amongst their ranks, have the seemingly very busy man Carl on guitar (he also plays guitar for A.F.S and Worm amongst others). As debut albums go this is cracking stuff and from a bunch of blokes the wrong side of 30 it’s not as cliched as you may think it would be. Tales of northern housing estate life vie with the ups and downs of drink and drugs and if you’re singing along by the 2nd listen you must be deaf!! The production on this c.d. could show a few more established bands what they could achieve instead of banging any old rubbish out ( no names mentioned!!!!) If tuneful streetpunk with the odd nod to Ramones is your thing you won’t go far wrong with this but for me the stand out track is the title one- a Pogueish drunken tale about one mans quest for drink, complete with string arrangement, shines like a really shiny thing in a shiny shop with a chorus most bands would wish they had written. I for one hope this band can keep this up as if this c.d. is anything to go by good things could be round the corner. For more details go to or
5 out of 5
Review by Paul


Belligerently bellowing with fangs bared the opening 'Terror Holiday' snarls in with razor sharp violence and splatters the eardrum inside out with brutal malevolence. 'Council Kid' is a more dignified affair but reinforces the heady standard set so early on and the aggression is retained as the blood stained doors are kicked open and the political 'Friday Night Nazi' is delivered with the virulent infection the Bullet Kings strive so hard to master (and to a greater degree achieve). No lyrics included for this one though - mistake or cute move - you decide!

'Private Death' is another notch up with a more textured sound as the guitar rolls along in smoothly changing arrogance and the matter of fact chorus sticks in the grey matter like a festering pustule.

'London Town' will be adored by the riff lovers with perhaps the more critical claiming a cornball in the mix. Nonetheless its a fine song that is another feather in the BK's twatty Russian cap (some photos explain the use of 'twatty') but with fear of extreme pedanticity I would have preferred the chant of 'London Town' to be more northerly and suggest 'Manchester' as an option.

'Not For Me' is the toffee hammer in a toolbox of skull busting armoury. It still has a bite but its up against some mighty weaponry so there you go. 'Punk Not Profit' I hated, debated then liked. Yeah its another good tune that has the best lyrical message on the CD - excellent stuff.

'Words' is a gem which is pacey, tuneful, very effective in all deparatments and is a real flag flying victory for this fine band. The nail is well and truly hit on the head.

'Waster' is like a cheap firework - you wait with baited breath for an impressive explosion but end up with a deflated drone. Why is it part of the product is beyond me? The fact that it is sandwiched between two crackerjacks only highlights its insipidity and limitations. With the aforementioned 'Words' on one side and the fuckin' excellent 'Meltdown' on the other we have what is known as a boo-boo. Incidentially it has come to my attention that many people like 'Waster' so that's opnions for you - waste of bloody time ha ha.

On to 'Meltdown' and again a right ripping riot that reeks of rabid punk rock and it is in essence nothing more. And why should it be when the standard is so high.

'Truth' is overwhelmed by its more showy comrades but is worth some effort. 'Porno Pig', 'Riot' and 'Alcohol And Speed' are a trusted triumvirate of pre-released masterstrokes with each one being a manifestation of the BK's expressive and talented mannerisms. 'Riot' is the quintessential pogo-a-gogo and operates beautifully with its lyrically succinct chorus.

Despite the superfluous opening drum roll 'Rebel Without A Reason' is a sobering shanty with some fiddle and fuck peripheral overtones that works a treat. It is a rolling yarn that has a squarrose enough feel to it to be enjoyed by the most ardent punker.

'Now And Then' stinks of plagarism but my aging mind can't grasp the roots of this conundrum so I guess there goes the legal action ha ha. I'm sure its an original idea but its just one of those songs you think you have heard a thousand times before. Some definite comparisons but this old fucker just can't scrape em' to the fore - bugger it! It is in fact a potentially discordant mess but it is just held gloriously in check and is definitely my type of tune. A deftly disruptive coot that is followed by the elegant swan 'Skrew The World' a real joyous finally.

Overall a solid sonic burst from a band only just past its first birthday. With a tireless workrate and an abundance of untapped talent the next one should be better and is already being worked upon - now that is very scarey.

Everyone should try this and it has enough variation to pose questions for all and to be enjoyed by all.


Slit Records Comp CD

From the young to the disgracefully aged next with the excellent Bullet Kings unknowingly summing up this whole compilation via the ditty 'Punk Not Profit'.

  No Front Teeth    

Debut full-length following 2 EPs earlier this year from THE BULLET KINGS that features Carl from A.F.S. who represent the same old school attitude that blends aggression and melody but THE BULLET KINGS have a much rawer edge and a slightly more American approach with early NOFX-style long chords. Again, as with A.F.S., I hear a strong LEATHERFACE influence but with a more straight-forward later ‘70’s UK punk feel. Maybe a touch of earlier SNUFF in here too and the overall sound is raw and gritty which I really like, it’s got this energetic wildness to it too that I really go for. Catchy and straightforward punk rock, the way it should be.

Casket Music / Copro Productions

  Burnout Zine    
    The best and most memorable tracks ....The Bullet Kings
  Fast N Loud (Zine)    

  All great UK82 punk. Would love to see live. Good lyrics & catchy tunes
  Neo Zine (web zine USA)    
    This CD has 4 songs. I like em. They remind me a litlte bit of the Anti-Nowhere League for some reason. It is punk rock with a little bit of beef (or maybe pork in this case.) The singer is gruff. The lyrics are volatile. They talk about riots, lies, death, and trouble. Still, they are simple, repeated often, easy to learn, and just as easy to chant along to. The songs are short, but they have a bit of a loose configured jam to them that makes them fun and fancy free. They include nice little solos and interludes that are to the point but worth the while. This isn't 100% old-school, but there is certainly that feel and flavor. I'd put this in for booze drinking. It'd be an easy choice for a pit pleaser. This band could work out with a lot of the more classic punk bands really well, or I'd go see them headline a saloon. Either way, they sound like a lot of fun.
  NFT (No Front Teeth Web Zine)    
    Porno Pig EP (2006)
This is Carl from A.F.S.' new band with a more straight-forward, stripped down punk rock approach. They mix melody with hostility and always keep things simple and punk and kinda remind me of LEATHERFACE mixed with BAD RELIGION and early NOFX and SLOPPY SECONDS. There's four tracks on here and they are all solid and I'd be interested to hear a full-length.
  NFT (No Front Teeth Web Zine)    
Three more tracks from Carl from A.F.S. new project of up-front, simple melodic punk rock aka LEATHERFACE. It’s rough and raw but there’s a string melody running through it all…a very American punk sound actually that really fuses well with the very English LEATHERFACE-type sound and it’s got an old school yet contemporary sound- there’s a full-length in the works too!
  Burnout Fanzine    
    The Bullet Kings : Crash Mad (2006)
In answer to my review of the "Porno Pig" CD last time, in which I mentioned it lacked variation, the trio lastest offering dropped through my letterbox. Three tracker "Crash Mad" confusingly opens with the song "Porno Pig" an ode to "the pleasures of the wrist" (nuff said) and the weakest track although still memorable. Next up a proper punk anthem, Alcohol and Speed", with a rousing intro and singalong chorus which is bound to become a live hit. Completing the set is "Meltdown", which is a much angrier, but still melodic. Watch our for 'em on the Spit and Sawdust Tour, Kerry
  Punk oi    

BULLET KINGS - Crash Mad (From the band)

Another c.d. from The Bullet Kings that came through the post courtesy of the busiest man in punk Mr C.J. Arnfield, not only does he play guitar in this band he’s also in WORM, A.F.S. and Churchill!

Anyway three tracks of mid tempo d.i.y. style streetpunk which should have people off their arses at any gig. I’ve not seen this band live yet but if any of the other bands these guys are in (the other 2 members are in Churchill) are anything to go by they are well worth checking out, good stuff and keep up the good work. For more work go to
4 out of 5
Review by Paul

  Barbies Dead - Crash Mad    

Things to listen to ...Bit of Gruff vocalled tunefull punk here from AFS side project and you should check it out

  Punk oi    

Porno Pig EP
Nothing flash, nothing fancy just good old fashioned angry punk rock.

4 out of 5
Reviewed by Paul

  Fungal Punk / ( )    
    Porno Pig EP
Still in their embryonic stage the Bullet Kings here have ejaculated an initial offering of speed and melody with a punk 'n' pogo spirit much lacking in bands of lesser years. The songs are delivered with an urgency and belief that is backed up with some all round good musicianship that speaks volumes for a talented punk scene. 'Riot' is old school aggression with an un-original title rejuvenated and given a song worthy of its name. The first recording on CD of any band can say so much and this brashly states that this band means business. The second and third tracks, namely 'Words' and 'Private Death' respectively are much more crafted affairs with excellent rhythms throughout backed by catchy choruses and some skip and rip drum work. The finale of 'Violence in the City' is an amalgamation of various punk genre's with the most obvious being some unadulterated streetpunk superbly blended with Crass-ite vocals (remember Pete Wright) that works a treat. For 4 tracks of classical punk then this is a must and promises much for this fine, new band.
  Burnout Fanzine    
    Porno Pig EP
Four Slices of no nonsense punk from this North West trio featuring Carl from AFS on guitar. Opening track "Riot" (every punks favorite subject) starts off well although it soon becomes a bit repetitive and the remaining songs follow same pattern. It's catchy enough but would benefit from more variation on both songs and CD.
  Anachoi Fanzine    
    Porno Pig EP
WOW, this hits ya Like a good old kick to the nuts!. Id say this is even better than AFS, it's actually carls side project thingy but on this hearing I would do this full time, check out the 1st track"Riot", excellect
  Metal (web zine)    

Porno Pig EP
THE BULLET KINGS is first Punk Rock band what I have to the review. Although I have never been punkers but I had several palls - punkers and they let me know Punk Rock music. Punk Rock of THE BULLET KINGS is good old school, it isn't like THE OFFSPRING. The fellows are grown but their music has more energy and quarrelsomeness than in present Punk Rock bands where the polite children pretend the sharp guys, hahaha… This is my such small digression.

"Porno Pig" is the short material but how I remembered the songs are marked of old school and I thought about THE SEX PISTOLS and THE EXPLOITED. Obviously the music is based of simple dynamic riffs and simle rhythmical drums - but this is the rule of Punk Rock. The tracks are very lively, full of energy, quarrelsomeness and melodics. The every tune has some leitmotiv in style of characteristic riffs and accented chorus (often noisy backing singers). Sometimes it's apear lively solo or falling in ear melody. Generally, it is good the music.

  Anachoi Fanzine    
    Crash Mad EP
More great stuff here from what i think should be Carls number 1 prioity band. That aint anything against AFS, his main band. This just seems to make me want to go mad and punch a cop or something HA HA, 3 tracks, Porno Pig, Alcohol and Speed, plus my pick of the trio Meltdown, full marks

Fungal Punk /


Crash Mad EP
A lesson here in patience as my first judgement of this CD lacked any accuracy whatsoever. This is a good trio of uncomplicated tunes that have a sing-a-long vitality and melodic craft that is worthy of a newly formed band that are eager to make their mark. With catchy songs like this they should soon have a loyal fan base gagging for more.

All 3 tracks are of equal standard with my personal favourite being ‘Alcohol and Speed’ for no reason only in that it just is. ‘Porno Pig’ and ‘Meltdown’ are both executed superbly with all sounds contributing to a grand final mix.

Released within weeks of the excellent first EP (Porno Pig) this only bodes well for a band so prolific and raring to go. The fact that this lot are no young pups puts some of the younger bands to shame with their lackadaisical approach. A big thumbs up.